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Client Testimonials

It is very important that you feel comfortable and relaxed when undergoing any type of massage and therefore reading testimonials and knowing a little bit about what people think of my treatment before you arrive may help.

Mary played competitive hockey in Lincolnshire until she was suddenly affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which incapacitated her for over 4 years.

Mary got in touch with me to help her during flare ups of pain.

I had a flare up with my complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)- I find massage very helpful in relaxing me, reducing the pain and also relieving tension in my muscles after a flare up. Particularly back, neck and shoulders. Great to be able to have all these benefits from the comfort of home.

Sam has been great, she has a great knowledgeable within the area, helping with my muscular tension, whilst proving a pleasant environment to relax.

Mary is now 29 years old and is now back on her feet, enjoying all types of sports.